“ Incus is a reputable and trustworthy company, They provided unsurpassed quality products and they show they are a serious company dedicated to this type of machinery and provide constant assistance to its customers.

We have found in Incus a continued support to our projects and we always have counted with their vision as experts in the field.

They helped us in every way to improve our production process and the product quality we were looking for.

We have increased 400% our production capacity, that shows that we were well accompanied and supported, we have got a successful partnership.”

“We started our first project with Incus more than 20 years ago. As long as you start doing business with a new company, doubts about whether they will be able to understand and carry out what you needed appear.

Moreover, it was our first almond blanching line. We had no experience in processes such as blanching, cutting, flour or dicing. It was a new and challenging project for us.
We had several options with other equipment suppliers, but we finally choose Incus. We made that decision because, in addition to the higher technological level of their machines, we noticed right away their greater knowledge about all aspects of the almond process and how they gave importance to the smallest details; things that other competitors did not considered and were essential to get a higher quality product.

This convinced us that to get the best processing solution we needed not only the best machinery but to have the best human and professional team with us, and we only found this in Incus.
During all these years, we have put together many more projects with Incus. We were never disappointed, as they have always surpassed our expectations. With their support, our almonds blanching, cutting, dicing and other processes were able to grow up to current levels.

We will continue to entrust our new projects to them.

If you are thinking whether to work with Incus or not, no doubt, they will surpass your expectations. You will be in hands of the best in the industry, as we are.”

“We at Calconut are committed to first-class partners and efficcient technology. In INCUS we found a partner that will lead us to be one of the market’s benchmarks as definition of productivity and quality.

Incus participated actively from the layout phase to the start-up, at all levels. Promoting ideas based on its engineering and lengthy experience in the manufacturing of machinery. In addition to being the manufacturer, Incus has been a consultant in this project, who ensured the compliance of goals and deadlines.

The commissioning of the new plant was a major success, and it was carried out within a short period of time. The technical support was accurate and helped us achieve the desired production and quality from the very beginning.

With Incus blanching line we have the highest capacity blanching line in the sector, with a guaranteed production capacity of 5000 kg/h and excellent quality control thanks to the great performance of the line.

INCUS almond cutting line grants us complete versatility, through the production of slices, slivers and halves, whose settings are done quickly, with a good product outcome in all parameters: thickness, yield, optimum use…

Particularly noteworthy is the meal machine, where we obtain an over expected production capacity of flour and a very fine granulometry that all our customers are very satisfied with.

Generally, INCUS’ knowledge of the lines, along with their fine tuning, gives us a great stability and productivity at our plant. “

We choose Incus for our projects because they are an industry leading and well-respected company.

INCUS has proven results from previous installations and a long-standing partnership so we believe it is the best partner for achieving our goals.

Since we started working with INCUS, we have benefited from seamless and successful results in our projects. We have experienced significant improvements such as reliability of the equipment and food safety design upgrades. Incus delivered success criteria for throughput, yield, food, and employee safety.

They are good listeners and engineered solutions to meet and exceed our expectations.

“Over the years, we here at Hughson Nut after exploring our options, have had the pleasure of putting together several projects together with the expertise of Incus Technologies.

We have experienced many successes along the way. Some of these successes include two Blanching lines, an Almond Meal line, and various other components to support our process.

Through these projects, we have been able to increase production while producing a cleaner safer product. Their modern machinery has been designed to make sanitation and operation easier than the competitor machinery of the past.”
“We have had a successful partnership over the years. Incus and their staff have always been friendly and easy to work with. They are always open to our suggestions and willing to work to fulfill our needs.

Incus brings decades of experience to the table in regards to Almond manufacturing and just manufacturing in general.

Hughson Nut looks forward to even more projects with Incus in the near future. If you are considering working with Incus Technologies, I would say to look no further.”

“Incus team contributed to the results we wanted thanks to a good project and provided the best and more suitable equipment configuration.

After reporting our needs, Incus It really contributed to the outcome we wanted.
We benefit from a good production capacity, a consistent and continuous production. We also benefit from the energy efficiency of the equipment.

We have added value to our products by working with Incus.
Incus provided efficiency and flexibility in production with their blanching, slicing, slivering and flour equipment, this resulted a significant improvement.
Working with Incus over the years was successful to our company. Incus is an honest and reliable partner.”

After transferring your needs to them, you can trust Incus and achieve your outcome with their guidance.”

“After hearing other industry clients’ positive comments, the effort in trying to understand our requirements and the capacity to offer solution also gave me confidence.

We choose Incus because they have the capacity to integrate their knowledge into our needs.

We have significantly improved, reducing the amount of by-products and treating the product in the least aggressive and most efficient way.

With Incus there always is a strong support for their machinery and they really care about their clients’ problems.

After 10 years of using their machines, they still work like new.

With Incus, you take advantage of the efficiency and durability of their machines.”