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Worldwide leader in technology for manufactured almonds.

From a single machine to complete processing lines for:

Blanching (Peeling)Slicing
Sizing and SiftingCleaning
ShellingPraline, Crocanti, Nougat.
StoragePackaging and weighing
Metal detection

Choose trust. Your most expert technological partner.

We work towards surpassing your expectations.

Know our clients testimonials:

“We have increased 400% our production capacity, that shows that we were well accompanied and supported, we have got a successful partnership.”

With Incus blanching line we have the highest capacity blanching line in the sector, with a guaranteed production capacity of 5000 kg/h and excellent quality control thanks to the great performance of the line.

We obtain an over expected production capacity of flour and a very fine granulometry that all our customers are very satisfied with.

INCUS has proven results from previous installations and a long-standing partnership so we believe it is the best partner for achieving our goals. We have experienced significant improvements such as reliability of the equipment and food safety design upgrades. They are good listeners and engineered solutions to meet and exceed our expectations.

Incus has the capacity to integrate their knowledge into our needs. We have significantly improved, reducing the amount of by-products and treating the product in the least aggressive and most efficient way.

“We have added value to our products by working with Incus. Working with them over the years was successful to our company. Incus is an honest and reliable partner.”

“To get the best processing solution we needed not only the best machinery but to have the best human and professional team with us, and we only found this in Incus.”

“We have been able to increase production while producing a cleaner safer product. Their modern machinery has been designed to make sanitation and operation easier than the competitor machinery.”

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41st INC Congress in Vancouver, Canada.

INCUS is pleased to announce that we will be taking part in the 41st International Nut and Dried Fruit Council Congress (INC), which will be held from May 8-10 at the Vancouver Convention Centre

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